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2019 Richmond Children’s Business Fair: Saturday, March 9, 2019 @ The Children’s Museum (Downtown)


Observe the opportunity for children to launch their very own startup business!
Kids develop a brand, create a product or service, build a marketing strategy, and then open for customers at our one-day marketplace.

Originally started in Austin, Texas, the Acton Children’s Business Fair (ACBF) has grown to cities including Chicago, Phoenix, Grand Rapids, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

Metro RVA Teens LLC is proud to partner with ACBF, My Brother’s Keeper of Greater Richmond & NDUGU Business & Leadership Academy to host the 2nd Annual Richmond Children’s Business Fair on Saturday, March 9, 2019! 

There will be a $20 entry fee per business. Age categories include: 6-7, 8-10, 11-12, 13-14, and 15-17. 

The Richmond Children’s Business Fair Team wants to make sure that the kidpreneurs have a positive experience without added pressure; therefore, participants will not be judged for this event. 
Registration begins on August 1, 2018. Visit the official Richmond Children’s Business Fair event website: www.childrensbusinessfair.org/richmond-westend
For sponsorship opportunities, send a message to metrorvateens@gmail.com



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What You Can Learn From LeBron James That Will Help You Land Your Next Opportunity

By Kerwyn S. Phillip, MBA


In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Magic Johnson spoke about his meeting with LeBron James, which led to LeBron signing with The Los Angeles Lakers.  Before the announcement, the sports world was buzzing on where LeBron James would land next season.  Finally, after weeks of speculation, he made the official announcement.  Before the final decision was made, NBA Hall-of-Famer and Lakers’ President of Operations Magic Johnson had a one-on-one meeting with LeBron.  The way Magic described the meeting; one can see best practices LeBron James used that can help in a job interview or business meeting.

Magic said that he was impressed with how LeBron connected with him early in their conversation.  They spoke about their similar upbringing, and how their passion for basketball brought them to the NBA.  Another similarity that Magic did not mention is that they are both successful entrepreneurs.  It is important, when meeting with a hiring manager or potential client that you work on establishing rapport with the person sitting across the table. By establishing a connection, the person will be more engaged in the conversation and the likelihood of them remembering you afterwards increases.  One way to try and build a connection is to look around the person’s office to find clues on interests and hobbies.  Maybe you see fishing paraphernalia, team logos, family portraits, etc.   Use those clues as talking points.


Another point that caught Magic Johnson’s attention is that LeBron James did some research before their meeting.  In their conversation, LeBron explained his analysis of the players on the Lakers’ roster.  He described each player’s strengths and weaknesses.  He then went into detail on what he brings to the table and how he can add value to the team.  In the same sense, one should research a potential employer or client and try to evaluate where gaps exist and then explain how their skillset can help fill those gaps and remediate issues.  Use the internet as a research tool. Do your homework!

Many people go into interviews with a self-centered point of view.  They present a resume and go into a spill about their experience and past accomplishments.  The people who make it to the next round of interviews are the ones who can summarize their past and show how that past experience can help the potential employer solve problems now and in the future. Employers and clients are looking for problem solvers.  Can you solve their problems and be efficient?

These best practices may seem basic, but many people fall short in implementing them.

In conclusion, we see that NBA fans are excited about basketball is the Western Conference.  Everyone jumps on the team that is having a hot streak.  Everyone was a Bulls fan in the 90s, now we see everyone on the Golden State bandwagon.  Let me be the first to announce that the East will one day rise again.  The Knicks and Nets will get their acts together (one day).

Good luck in your future endeavors and I hope you found this article helpful.  I welcome your comments and feedback.

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Mastermind Workshop Series


For more information and to register, please visit:


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Children’s Business Fair – Register Today!!!

CBF2018 Pic

Observe the opportunity for children to launch their very own startup business!

Kids develop a brand, create a product or service, build a marketing strategy, and then open for customers at our one-day marketplace.

Originally started in Austin, Texas, the Acton Children’s Business Fair (ACBF) has grown to cities including Chicago, Phoenix, Grand Rapids, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

Metro RVA Teens LLC is proud to partner with ACBF, My Brother’s Keeper of Greater Richmond & NDUGU Business & Leadership Academy to host the 1st Annual Richmond Children’s Business Fair on Saturday, March 10, 2018 from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm.

For more information on registration and sponsorship opportunities, please visit: www.childrensbusinessfair.org/richmond-westend





















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10 Job Tips For Teens

job search

By Kerwyn Phillip

The time of year has arrived where teenagers will be on the hunt for summer employment.  Depending on their age, some teens may have more difficulty than others.  For example, the choices for a 14 year old will be limited compared to a 17 year old.  For all the teens that will be on the job hunt, I would like to offer a few suggestions that can make the mission a little easier.

1. Do your research

Before submitting a resume or job application, find out the age requirements for the company.  There are websites that can help determine the minimum age requirements for several companies.  Visit www.hireteen.com.  It would be a waste of time, for a 15 year old, to complete an application, just to find out that the company only hires teens 17 and above.

2. Professional email address

There is no second chance to make a first impression.  Keep email addresses on resumes and applications professional.  Use a combination of first and last name, or first initial and last name. (i.e., pjones@example.com, peter.jones@website.com, or peterjones45@email.com) Stay away from: hotcakes21@example.com, need4speed@website.com, nike_head@example.com

3. Professional voicemail greeting

Again, emphasizing the importance of making a good first impression. Imagine a recruiter calling an applicant who has a crazy phone greeting.  Yeah, having the latest hit song in the background of a greeting, or playing a joke on the caller (“What?…What?….I can’t hear you!…Ha, ha…just playing!!”) may seem cool, but it may annoy the recruiter and ruin a job opportunity.  Keep it professional. (“You’ve reached my voicemail, leave a message at the tone….”).

4. Be aware of social media presence

social media icons.jpg

Employers are using social media accounts to conduct research on applicants.  It is now extremely important to be aware of statements, photos, videos posted on individual pages.  Also, group associations should also be monitored.  The best practice would be to properly manage privacy settings on all social media accounts.  Remember social media posts remain on the internet forever.

5. Submit a cover letter/resume with your application

Many job seekers complete an application, and fail to attach a resume or cover letter.  Remember, there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of other people applying for the same job.  Applicants have to go the extra mile to get their application noticed.  While some people fail to use resumes, the person who does has an opportunity to stand out. (REMINDER: Please check grammar and spelling)

6. Call the employer after you submitted your resume

cell phone

Again, job seekers need to do everything they can to stand out amongst other applicants.  After submitting an application and resume, follow up with a phone call. Try to get a recruiter in Human Resources or a Manager on the phone.  Let them know that an application was submitted and you want to know the status of the application.  More than likely, they will ask for your name.  Now, the likelihood of your application being reviewed has increased.  This is because as they are reviewing applications, they may remember that you called.  Also, since you called, you appear to be more serious about getting the job compared to the person who did not call.

7. Dress to impress for the job interview

job attire

This is the chance to meet the decision maker face-to-face.  The way a person dresses says a lot.  Are they serious about getting this job?  Do they respect themselves?  Do they respect the employer?  Do they respect the process?  Remember, you are not going to the club.  You are going to interview for a job and you want to impress the interviewer.  Shirt, tie, jacket, dress slacks (pants) for young men. Professional pants suits or dresses for young ladies.

If you do not have professional attire, there are several organizations that help job seekers get the right clothing for an interview.  For example, in the Richmond, Virginia area, there are Dress for Success-Central Virginia (centralvirginia.dressforsuccess.org) and My Brother’s Keeper of Greater Richmond (www.mbkgrva.org).

In addition, prepare for the interview by researching common interview questions and have an idea of how you want to answer them.

8. Send a thank you note after the interview

Here is another opportunity to impress the recruiter and leave a lasting impression.  Everyone is not going to make the extra effort.  Do everything you can, professionally, to stand out amongst the competition.  Thank the recruiter for the interview and mention that you are excited about the opportunity to work for their company.

9. Network/Ask for help

Let everyone know that you are looking for a job.  You never know who would be the person to connect you with a job opportunity.  Ask people at your church, mosque or synagogue, your parents’ friends, neighbors, etc.  Also, by being respectful and responsible, people would be more willing to help you with your job search.

10. Volunteer


Even though you may be working with pay, volunteering is a great opportunity to gain work experience and building a professional network.  The people that you are working for, or working with can potentially help you get a future position.  Sometimes, an opportunity presents itself where the volunteer role becomes a paid position.

Following these 10 tips will not guarantee employment, but they will help to increase your chances.  Everyone is not willing to do more than just submit an application.  Most people submit the application, sit back and wait for something to happen.  The people who get ahead in life are those who are not afraid to make things happen.  Be aggressive and take charge of your job search.  Actively seeking employment definitely will bring the results that you are looking for.

The Ndugu Business & Leadership Academy (NBLA) educates, empowers and motivates young men to become leaders and role models in the community.


 Visit: http://www.nduguacademy.org

Follow us on Twitter: @NduguAcademyRVA






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