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The best high school football player in the country hints about considering an HBCU. Does he mean it?



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Financial Football: Using Sports To Teach Financial Literacy

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Last week, I was working with a group of students to prepare for a financial literacy exam.  The young men were provided flash cards to study key terms that would be covered on the test.  Boys being boys, they were more interested in debating over which NFL team will win the Super Bowl next year.  After several attempts to redirect their focus back to their flash cards, I tried a different approach.

A few months ago, I discovered an online game called Financial Football.  The game uses football as a backdrop to help students learn about financial literacy.  Players pick their favorite NFL teams, and play head-to-head.  Participants gain and lose yard, based on how well they answer multiple choice, financial literacy questions.

I invited the young men to play, and they were hooked.  The competition allowed them to talk trash to each other, and study economics and personal finance at the same time.  I encourage you to use this resource as a tool to help your teens learn important financial concepts.

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